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We currently stock a total of 19 Bloomy Rind / Natural Rind cheeses
  Name + Quantity Description Price
Brie de Meaux Donge Wheel Complex aromas/flavours of smoke, mushrooms & sweetish sherry R 521 / kg
Brie Marie Harel Soft Brie with a white mould. Made from raw cows milk. Creamy and rustic taste R 566 / kg
Brie Mon Sire - Wheel Similar flavours to the Brie de Meaux, but less pronounced with denser texture, higher fat content, (slightly enriched with cream) R 376 kg
Brie Truffles Creamy Brie with truffels in the center. Mild Brie R 625 kg
Brin de Paille 125g Buttery, firm texture - stronger when mature (presented on straw mat) R 99
Camembert AOC Fermier 250g Fragrant aromas, earthy to nutty taste, Nordandie au lait cru R 139
Camembert du Bocage 250g Soft ripened cheese made of raw milk, creamy, full bodied and rustic R 118
Camembert Le Bocage 250g Fragrant aromas, mushroomy & fruity, Normandie au lait cru R 107
Camembert Marie Harel 250g (Vichy) (vichy) Hand-moulded, full-bodied, fragrant mushroomy & fruity, au lait cru R 117
Camembert Marie Harel 275g (Biege) (beige) Hand-moulded, raw milk, ful bodied, mushroomy and nutty, au lait cru R 139
Chaource 250g Mild with loose rind, complex supple pate, piquant R 116
Coulommier Vieux Porche 350g Similar to brie, ripens easier, sweet, sour taste R 117
Coulommiers Graindorge 350g Similar to brie, ripens easier, sweet, sour taste R 183
Fromages des Clarins R 160
Le 1921 220g R 99
Pave 175g Cream en-riched cheese with a natural rind R 94
Pie d'Angloy 200g Natural rind, mild tasting, hint of nuttiness R 106
St Marcellin Bois Formi 80g Round shape, light lactic flavour. Get better when Matur R 40
Xavier David Camembert de Normandie 250g Hand-ladled, ripe for 3 weeks. Xavier David cheeses are carefully hand selected amongst the best R 117
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