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We currently stock a total of 11 Blue cheeses
  Name + Quantity Description Price
Bleu des Causses Cows milk cheese - like a Stilton, not to salty; served with sweet wine R 480 / kg
Blue d'Auvergne 125g Cows milk, blue mold spice blends with integrated salt R 48
Fourme d'Ambert Cows milk; dry rind; light cellar aromas, creamy yet firm complex tasting pate R 419 / kg
Fromages Blue Soft creamy blue cheese. Very light in favour en very creamy. R 512 kg
Montbriac Creamy cows milk blue veined; soft; lightly ash-covered rind (blue reblochon) R 239
Montbriac Soft light blue cheese covered with vegetable ash. Also known as a blue Reblochon. R 485 kg
Rocbleu Laqueville 550g Firm yet creamy-blue mouthfeel; mildly spicy (unlike blue), ash-rind R 224
Roquefort Coccinellel Aoc Sheeps milk, clean forceful rich flavours of salt and spices R 330 / kg
Roquefort Societe 125g Sheeps milk, clean forceful rich flavours of salt & spices R 98
Xavier David Fourme de Ambert This fine blue cheese with its non-crumbly texture is very delicate on the palate with a unique mildness and creaminess R 370 / kg
Xavier David Roquefort The Penicillium Roquerforti stain, which gives the cheese an unique texture and flavour, belongs exclusively to Xavier David AOP Roquefort. The cheese is creamy with buttery and salty flavours R 540 / kg
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