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We currently stock a total of 17 Goats Milk cheeses
  Name + Quantity Description Price
Banon 100g Soft curd cheese wrapped in chestnut leaves R 111
Chabichou Poitou 150g Firm, even-textured pate, delicate salt/acid/sweet flavour, au lait cru R 85
Chabris Origin 220g R 172
Crottin Aoc Chavignol Fromi Raw goats milk ,when dry it is spicy and strong. Most famous Aoc cheese in Loire R 59
Crottin Chevrefeuille 60g Soft when young, (for salads) getting firmer & more flavourful when mature R 59
Jacquin Rond 200g Round shaped, covered with ash, flavourful; moist texture R 111
Pico 125g Even textured, slight acidity, piquant; au lait cru R 77
Pico Affine R 94
Picolin R 109
Picoline 160g Soft goats cheese from the Perigord R 89
Pouligny St .Pierre 250g Pyramid-shaped: natural mould: complex aromas/flavour; straw, salt, sweet & sour au lait cru R 136
Pouligny St Pierre 250g R 185
Sainte Maure Berc, la Tradition 250g Log shaped, flavourful, au lait cru R 124
Sainte Maure Fermier 250g Log shaped; covered with ash; pronounced aromas; flavourful; au lait cru R 136
Valencay AOP Fermier 220g R 168
Xavier David Selles-Sur-Cher Fermier 150g The herd only get fed wheat and alfalfa hay. Cheese dry for 24 hours and ripening is 2 weeks. the ash rind of Selles-Sur-Cher is covered in a blue-green mould and the taste have a hint of hazelnuts R 103
Xavier David St Marcellin Fermier This cheese is hand-ladled and comes from the Vectors mountains. It ripens between 3 - 5 weeks. The best is to eat this cheese with a spoon, Very creamy paste and sour, astringent flavours R 40
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