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We currently stock a total of 41 Washed Rind cheeses
  Name + Quantity Description Price
Abbaye de Citeaux Mild washed rind cheese. Milk comes from the Montbeliard cows. Abbaye cheese R 856 / kg
Affidelice au Chablis 200g Cow's milk cheese matured with chablis and made of unskimmed milk R 160
Ami du Chambertin la Cote 250g Salt water/marc brandy washed; smooth and creamy yet penetrating taste R 158
Chablis Chalancy 200g Soft ripered cheese, washed in chablis wine; full bodied aromatic flavours R 116
Cremeux du Jura 280g Soft ripened cheese with washed rind surrounded by a sprous band R 162
Epoisses Berthaut 250g Marc-washed, strong aromas & flavours, softly textured R 232
Epoisses Chalancey Aoc Boite Hand ladled cheese. Washed in burgundy brandy, full-bodied and intensive flavours R 191
Epoisses Tradition Aoc 250g Hand ladled cheese. Light styled when young, intense flavours R 189
Gres des Vosges 125g (alsace) Fern leaf deconation; full-flavoured; disc-shaped, au lait cru R 71
Marcaire 200g The marcaired are the cowherds who take their cattle up to the alpine pastures of the Vorges for the summer months. the authentic cheese of the same name from the Vosges has a washed rine and the traditional mild, creamy flavours R 101
Merlemont 230g Lightly washed; delicate mouthfilling flavours R 102
Mon Cremeux Comtois Like a Vacherin Mont D Or. Runny cheese with lots of flavour R 125
Montagnard 200 g Lightly washed with warm Vosges water; delicate mouth flavours R 93
Munster 125g Firm aromas, fine texture, sticky, spicy, sweetish milky pate R 89
Munster AOP Au Cumin Soft ripened cheese with a washed rind, with caraway in the past. Mature for 2 weeks. Full bodied flavor R 89
Munster AOP Remy Rudler 200g This Munster is handmade and ripens in the natural cellars of Rochesson in the Lorrains Region R 116
Petite Livarot 250g Medium strength; moist very firm pate, spicy finish R 127
Petite Livarot 250g (Special Affineur) Soft cheese with a washed rind. Ripened for 8 weeks in cellar. Come from Livarot. R 144
Petite Sapin 300g Lightly washed, mild yet creamy, soft inside. R 125
Plaisir au Chablis 200g Stronger cheese, washed with Chablis wine R 112
Pont l'Eveque Graindorge 450g Smooth with strongish trace of of savoury &sweet flavours, au lait cru R 137
Pont l'Eveque Marie Harel Beige 400g Smooth with lingering trace of savoury & sweet flavours R 127
Pont l'Eveque Tradition 350g Smooth with lingering trace of savoury & sweet flavours R 127
Pont l'Eveque Traditional 400g Smooth with lingering taste, intense flavours when matured R 136
Reblochon Aoc 500g Semi-hard cheese, matured 3 weeks in humid cellars, hazelnut flavours R 257
Reblochon Bergere Thones 450g Pressed-curd; creamy texture farmyard aromas, nutty aftertaste, au lait cru R 248
Reblochon Savoie 450g Farm product, morning and evening milkings R 199
Roucoulons 220 g Lightly washed (bloomy rind) supply, yellow interior delicate taste R 78
Roudou Slightly washed with mild flavours R 54
Soumaintrain Berhaut 400g Marc-washed, soft cheese with strong aromas & texture R 188
Soumaintrain Berthaut 400g R 238
Soumaintrain Berthaut 400g R 238
Soumaintrain Berthaut 400g R 238
Soumaintrain de la Cote 250 g Marc-washed, soft cheese with strong flavours when mature R 83
St. Nectaire Fermier Aoc The texture is silky; with heavy flavours on the tongue. With slightly acidity R 438 kg
Tamie des Abbaye 500g Mild cheese, similar to Reblochon, washed twice in brine. Made by a monastry R 490 /kg
Vacherin Clarine Perrin 280 g Lightly washed; mild yet rich creamy, liquid, flavours R 123
Vacherin Mont d'Or 480g Summer milk; encircled by spruce band; rich flavours, liquid texture, au lait cru R 226
Vacherin Mont D'Or Riems 500g Summer milk, enriched by spruce band, au lait cru R 205
Xavier David Epoisses 250g The Xavier David AOP Epoisse milk come from cows who have been fed according to intensive methods. ripens in natural cellars and develops a beautiful orange rind. R 167
Xavier David Reblochon de Savoie Ripened for six weeks. The cheese acquires and unparalleled creamy texture and on the palate there is an explosion of wooded flavours R 287
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